Friday, August 10, 2012

The Positive Side For Me To Being A Cyber Stalking Victim

As strange as it will sound I have found a positive side to being Cyber stalked and having the most disgusting lies made about me.  Before this happened I valued my good name and reputation.  Not a single blemish or aspersion had been cast upon my name. 

When the stalking started I was horrified and challenged his allegations but nothing I did could satisfy or appease my stalker.  What I did not realize at the time that the allegations demanding a response or answers were not serious. He would never be satisfied because it was all a game to him. 

I eventually just ignored him completely.  Those that knew me knew that 99% of what he said about me was not true.  I also realized that in reality no one else really cared.  We are all too busy with our real lives.  I just got on with mine. 

My stalker continued with his life also which was stalking.  He found new victims and over five years has probably targeted in excess of fifty people.  That is just a guess because I never bother reading many blogs.  He probably has around fifty blogs using the free Google blogger network but not all in his name, he uses many fake names.

After five years I am immune to his blogs.  I can view them and laugh at them. I know any intelligent person looking at them will see them for what they are, the ranting and raving of a nut case.

What he has printed about me is incredible. They are amazing and disgusting allegations that defy belief. I guess his writing does appeal to those of low intelligence that love gossip and dirt. Ultimately they are reflection of my stalker himself.

For me this has been a liberating experience.  I have learnt not to care too much about what others think about me.  As I said those that know me already know how false his allegations all are.  Others that view them should be able to work out what he is about just by reading his blog and if they can’t they are not the type of people I care about anyway.

Ironically I have embarked on producing an online resource for Internet safety and privacy called internetSOS and cover Cyber Stalking and harassment.  Having first hand experience means that I am able to provide excellent information on the topic. 

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