Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reporting Impersonation and fake sites

A common technique of Cyber Stalkers is setting up fake and impersonation sites.

This is also one easiest things to report.  I have been reporting the fakes sites of my internet stalker Evan Iliadis and so far about 50% of them have been removed.  While this is a win I actually feel that 100% should have been removed and will continue fighting for that.

In the future my cyber stalker might work out how to avoid getting sites removed by avoiding direct impersonation but now we have documented evidence that demonstrates real harassment way beyond any claim to believe he is engaged in publishing information in the public interest.  In fact his blogs contain so much trivial and personal attacks totally unrelated to the stated purpose of his blog that he already did not have a legal foot to stand on.

The fake network of sites are like nails in his coffin.  Evan Iliadis is finished but he does not yet realise it.    But there are signs he is getting scared.  More on that later

See the list i have compiled of his fake and impersonation sites.

Evan Iliadis Fake Impersonation Sites

I have added a note at the bottom to each site / profile that has already been removed

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