Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is ignoring Cyber Stalkers always the best course of action?

I used to believe so but now I know that it depends on the circumstances.  Certainly it true for Troll in the initial stages when they are trying to bait you but once a sociopathic cyberstalker has you in their sights they are like bull dog unable to release you from the jaws. 

In such cases you may need to fight fire with fire.  This does not mean stalking them back but one thing I have learned is they hate to be exposed for what they really are. 

I have been engaging the known cyber stalker Evan Iliadis for the past couple of months after trying to ignore him for almost five years and with the help of a group of his other victims we are winning. 

I can see that learning how to make complaints the correct way would be a stumbling block to many wanting to complain about malicious and false material posted about them on the Internet.

This past two months will not be wasted.  The stuff I am learning will be used in my internetSOS service to help others combat Cyber stalkers.

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