Saturday, July 28, 2012

Evan Iliadis - Five Years Of Stalking

There is a pathetic little old man living in France that has been stalking people he has never met for more than five years. He was living in the Philippines and a member of a Rotary Club but was kicked out for stealing funds and then created a hate site accusing those that kicked him out of being corrupt. He enjoyed his new hobby of cyber stalking so much he expanded it to people he had never met.  I was actually his first real victim - the first person he has never met.  He chose me because I was a President of a Rotary club in the Philippines and was engaged in a personal dispute with another expat that I found was abusing young girls.  He sided with the criminal against me and produced a lot of false accusations against me. Since me there have been dozens and dozens of other victims in the Philippines.  He expanded his operations to the entire expat community and pretends he is on a moral crusade but the most of the people he attacks are good respectable people.  Their mistake is to respond to his trolling and with my good friend Perry Gamsby simply coming to my defense. It's time to get this sicko off the internet.

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