Thursday, July 5, 2012

Internet Stalker Use Blogger To Peddle Hate and Lies

Hi,  I am Chris Bennetts and I started this blog because I am a victim of an Internet Stalker.  A person I have never met and does not really know anything about me.  I am here on blogger because this is where he has built up a network of blogs attacking dozens of people.

The response from blogger has been to deny any complaints lodged including copyright saying we need to work it out with the other party. How can you do this when the person is sick sociapath?

It seems blogger will not take any action without a court order.  They force people to take this time consuming and expensive step because they are unwilling to allocate resources to this problem.  Its just too hard for them I guess and they have chosen the easy way out.

Blogger is a great service and we want to see it improve.  We hope that we can influence their policy on this and get some action on this extremely abusive sicko.  More soon...

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