Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cyber Stalking Alert Site

Some months back i was contact by Elizabeth Clarke who was the victim of a cyber stalker.  She have been harassed by a guy for over three years and was very distressed.  It seemed there was no one interested in helping her.  She had been to the police but they said she should see a lawyer to sue for defamation but the lawyer said he could not proceed without a name and recommended hiring a private detective.  I saw some of the posts on a forum and personal emails this sicko had sent her.   I was able to get his IP from email headers and also setup an online trap to capture even more information.  I soon knew where he was and with the additional information I discovered had a foot print for his online activity that lead me to other victims.  I was able to pass with information on to Elizabeth who got in contact with some of the other victims and finally was able to find out exactly who this cyber stalker was. The good news is that they were able to bring charges against this sicko and put a stop to his cyber stalking.

Elizabeth kept asking how she could help me with my cyber stalker and i could not think of anything she could do and did not want her to get involved.  My cyber stalker will attack anyone that comes to the defence of any of his victims and I thought the last thing Elizabeth needs is another cyber stalker attacking her.  Elizabeth kept taking about wanting to make a site to warn people about online stalking and help others and seemed to extremely confident that she could deal with just about anything that came up.  I finally gave in and agreed to help her setup a website and Cyber Stalker Help was the result. She has done a great job of creating the site and deserves as much support and we can give her.  Please drop by her site and show your support by liking it on Facebook or google plus and maybe making a twit about it to your friends

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