Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Regain your name Google cyberbullying and Reputation Management bundle

I just purchased and watched a video / ebook on how to make complaints to google to get the material published by a cyber stalker removed.   I have been doing most the things covered in the book already but they did have a few insights such as not using the picture is of me option when making a DMCA complaint.  I have been using this and despite adding explanations that a picture was taken with my own camera at my request i get an automated message from google saying they have decided not to do anything at this time.

The thing i have come to understand is that Google and others are all about doing the minimum they a compelled to do by law so if they can use any loop hole to avoid doing anything they will.  I will now try some experiments with using the "picture of me" with an affidavit attachment and also not claiming its a picture of me.

I was disappointed with the bundle in general as its entirely screen tutorials on how to make complaints through Googles complaint application.  No information included at all.

I have been thinking about writing my own guide book on dealing with cyber bullies and cyber stalkers  and am more convinced than ever that I should.

The ebook is just a copy of the video.  Its all about making complaints for removal so I don't know why they include "Reputation Management" as its not covered other than the fact that removing negative material will help with your online reputation.  They seem to sell only two products. There is another one of Facebook which I assume is very similar.   The main thing they sell is their own services. They will do all the work for you if you do not want to struggle with it yourself.

In the absence of anything better this package is still very helpful to someone who is the victim of a cyber stalker.

This is the description of the package I purchased:

Included in the 9 Video and eBook anti Google cyberbullying and Reputation Management bundle:

  1. How and where to sign up to Google to remove material effectively.
  2. How to remove out of date search results.
  3. How to complain about and remove defamation and other illegal material.
  4. How to complain about and remove adult material featuring your name or the name of your business.
  5. How to make an effective copyright (DMCA) complaint for stolen text or photographs, and get that page removed from Google search results.
  6. How to remove confidential information from Google search results.

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  1. I do think a lot of the laws are "in process" which is part of the reason information can be difficult to get. Having a working model to work from online though does give the benefit of gaining a track record of what works and doesn't as in our cases with having our own Internet Troll!

    Your knowledge and those who are also having similar internet trolling problems would be priceless in getting some positive responses out of companies like Google