Friday, September 14, 2012

Complaints Process on different platforms

The complaints process seems to vary widely from platform to platform.

I have gained experience in making complaints while working with a group to remove the known cyber stalker Evan Iliadis.   For more than five years he has been publishing pages of lies made up in his sick perverted little mind.  He has published them wherever he could taking advantage of free social media and blogging platform he could find.

So far we have had success removing some of has material from all platforms but some are far less responsive than others.

Wordpress are the most responsive when it comes to abuse complaints. Evan is totally gone from wordpress.  He did try to sneak back using a fake name recently but Wordpress quickly removed the new blog.  are slow to respond but we have had success.  There are still some blogs/material that needs to be removed but none of it is very visible on the internet anyway.

blogger/blogspot  have been one of the hardest nuts to crack.  Evan probably had more than a dozen blogs and most of these are now gone.  All that really remains is his sexpatswallofshame blog which he duplicated over multiple countries.  I recently complained about the Australian version and this has now been taken down and a notice made on chilling effects.  This notice will now facilitate getting the rest taken down.

Facebook were not as responsive as I thought they would be which is surprising after reading the bad press they are getting over fake profiles which has also seen their stocks drop like lead.  Finally they responded and removed a fake profile of myself.  Evan came back a week later with another fake account which this time Facebook promptly removed.

Topix is another responsive platform.  I complained about a fake profile of myself being used for a thread about another of his victims.  I guess he thought it was amusing to have "me" writing rubbish about another of his victims that I knew. They removed it.  That is the only complaint I have made so far at Topix but soon we will turn our attention to that platform.  I have already created an account there in preperation.

Godaddy for is domain based blogs have been very responsive.  One of his victims lodged a copyright complaint and Godaddy removed the site.  Evan has now appealed that removal but does not realize that in doing so he has now given us very solid legal grounds to go after him.  We do need to quickly file a case against him and an attorny in the Philippines is doing that this week.  We will then go after all this domains including his very first site vap-ripoff.  

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  1. Actually one has to be persistent when making those complaints.
    Sometimes the "machines" send out automated responses denying.
    Another thing is that Google Inc. (or blogger/blogpsot) sends an email requesting more information. In fact the same information given before again.
    This is to prevent SPAM, i can't blame them.

    All in all Google is responsive with hurdles.

    However, they can not be blamed for insane and criminal stalker such as this one: